1200 x 2400 mm

1200x2400x5.5mm Grey Thin Big Ceramic Tile Design

Product Specification:
  • Model : RMNLS1224P503
  • Size : 1200 x 2400mm
  • Materials : Porcelain
  • Thickness : 5.5mm, 13.5mm
  • Surface : Polished
  • Water absorption : less than 0.5%
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Product Details


Modern Grey for your home, Thin Big Ceramic Tile can be used as a feature backdrop to achieve maximum impact for a space. Multi-faced thin big ceramic tiles is able to achieve continuous veins for a large backdrop feature wall. The white amrble against the grey porcelain tiles bring out the chic ambience of the space. Fancy a jaw dropping backdrop for bathroom..? Achieve it with large porcelain tiles, create a dream bathroom beyond imagination.


grey thin big ceramic tile for outdoor



Many shapes available can meet the needs of a variety of tiled layouts, especially in a large area to give full play to its potential, making the space look larger and more comfortable. This Extra Large Format Staturio Marble Porcelain Tile are reminiscent of real cement floors, emitting shades of grey, and are suitable for use on the floors and walls of the kitchen, entrance, living room, bathroom and laundry room at home. Use it with any number of other tiles or decorative styles-matte colors can add fun while maintaining eternal life in your house.


grey thin big floor  tile


grey thin big ceramic tile


  • 5.5mm and 13.5mm thick, can be machined into any shape, such as cupboard panels, table tops and countertops.
  • Large area paving infinite extension does not repeat.
  • The size can be cut freely, any combination, the application covers walls and floors, cabinets and wardrobes, bathroom space, countertops, etc.


The advantages of Large Format Tiles

We have three main sizes: 900x1800mm, 1200x2400mm, and 1600x3200mm. Large format porcelain tiles extend the space visually, creating a spacious space and flowing decoration. large format porcelain tiles are ideal for large spaces, especially public spaces. And use 3D high-definition digital technology to replicate the true texture of marble. With a sophisticated touch, exquisite shine and high stability, large format porcelain tiles are ideal for different styles of space too.


big ceramic wall floor tile

  • Strong as an equivalent regular porcelain tiles
  • Can be laid on the floor or laid on the wall to make the decoration style uniform
  • Machined into any shape, such as cupboard panels, table tops and countertops.
  • Can be cut to various sizes to make the design more creative with standard tiling tools
  • Kinder to the environment and require 60% less mineral resources to produce
  • Allow underfloor heating systems to warm up faster and radiate heat more efficiently than most comparable floor coverings.


Why Choose Realgres?

China Foshan Large Format Tile For Sale - Buy Porcelain Tile at Wholesale Price

Are you looking for the best large format tile manufacturer & wholesalers? Realgres is a landmark company producing large format tiles in China. With a wide range of colors, sizes, materials, good quality, stylish designs, and affordable big tiles price, our big floor tiles on sale are extensively used in living and commercial buildings. Our selected wholesale is the ideal choice for your flooring project. In addition, Realgres large format tiles have been widely recognized and trusted by customers at home and reseller, meet the ever-changing economic and social needs. 

Realgres provides the high end wholesale large format tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and outdoors. Compared with other porcelain tile manufacturers in China, Realgres Large Format Tile is the most affordable, ranging in price from US$18 to US$60. Therefore, whether you want to refresh your house or provide durable large format tiles for new houses or offices, Realgres wholesale large format tiles will be your ideal choice. Get our slab price list and buy cheap ceramic slabs China now!


Technical Parameters



Sequence No.

Test ltem






Water Absorption




Level A1(Nonflammability)


Mohs Hardness Level

Level 7


Breakage Strength(N)

Average: 3172


Rupture Modulus

Average: 64


Abrasion Resistance

Unglazed Porcelain panel abrasion cubage≤102mm3


Thermal Shock Resistance

No Cracking& Peeling


Anti-Freezing Performance

No Cracking& Peeling


Friction Coefficient

Dry Method:0.75








Anti-Fouling Pertomance

Report the polulution resistance class of unglazed laminatic

Porcelain panel :level 5


Elastic limit (mm)



Anti-Skid Grade






1200x2400mm Large format tiles Packing Details: 40pcs/ A Frame, 115.2Sqm/ A Frame, 6 A Frame/ 20'

       1200x2400 big ceramic wall tile packing

Project Case


large tile projectbig ceramic wall tile for building construction




1. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles as strong as traditional tiles?

Yes, in fact, according to independent testing, Realgres large format porcelain tiles are almost twice as strong as standard tiles. This is due to the high quality materials and manufacturing processes used to make Realgres large format porcelain tiles. Our 16,800-ton press ensures high density and high hardness with very low water absorption


2. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles suitable for walls and floors?

Yes, Realgres slab tiles are suitable for walls and floors. All Realgres large format porcelain tiles are tested for slip resistance using a more precise pendulum test. All tile and finish values are available by contacting us.


3. Does Realgres large format porcelain tiles meet current UK and European standards?

Yes, Realgres large format porcelain tiles have been rigorously tested to meet all current UK and European standards. You can get detailed test results by contacting us.


4. Can Realgres large format porcelain tiles be used outside the door?

Yes, Realgres large format porcelain tiles do not fade under direct sunlight, heat and frost. Our tiles can be used on terraces, gardens and even outside the building. In addition, our large format porcelain tiles have a very low water absorption, which means they are suitable for swimming pools and wet areas.


5. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles suitable for use with underfloor heating systems?

Yes, porcelain tiles are a good thermal conductor and Realgres large format porcelain tiles are ideal for heating systems under wet and dry floors.


6. What is the difference in the size of Realgres large format porcelain tile?

Realgres large format porcelain tiles are manufactured with high precision and the difference in size is only +/- 1mm.


7. Can I order a Realgres large format porcelain tile sample?

Yes, you can get it by contacting us.

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