900 x 1800 x 5.5mm

900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Tile

Product Specification:
  • Model : RMNLS918M917
  • Size : 900 x 1800 mm
  • Materials : Porcelain
  • Thickness : 5.5mm
  • Surface : Matt
  • Color : Grey
  • Water absorption : less than 0.5%
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Product Details

900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Tile

The Grey tile have the wear-resistican and dirt resistance. Now most of the family and will be choice the light grey tile to of the solf matt as the first choice. The surface have the stone texture and the size 900*1800mm also will be easy to paving. And grey floor tiles is very low-key, du gives a sense of tallness, which is an effect that other colors can't achieve.

Foshan 900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Tile



Thickness: Only 5.5mm. Less space occupied. Perfect  choice for both new building surface and old house renovation.


Weight: 12.5KG/M2. Easy to carry and install. Burden- free for both the building and installer.


Available size: 600 x 1200mm, 900 x 1800mm. Less Joint, nice decorative effect, better hygiene.

Easy Cut

Smaller sizes or simple shades can be  easily obtained with glass cutter or traditional cutting  machine.

Versitile Design 

Over 60 colors and designs. Classical, luxury and modern style can easily be captured with Realgres Thin Panel  5.5mm.

Multiple Applications

Applicable on wall & floor commercial & residential areas, exterial and interior areas.

Easy Maintenance

Porcelain fired under 1200℃ inorganic materials. Fire proof water proof & stain proof.


The advantages of thin tiles

We have five main sizes: 600x1200mm,900x1800mm, 1200x2400mm, 1200x3600mm, and 1600x3200mm. Large format porcelain tiles extend the space visually, creating a spacious space and flowing decoration with less unsightly grout lines. large format porcelain tiles are ideal for large spaces, especially public spaces. And use 3D high-definition digital technology to replicate the true texture of marble. With a sophisticated touch, exquisite shine and high stability, large format porcelain tiles are ideal for different styles of space too.

Modern 900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Tile

  • Strong as an equivalent 13mm thickness regular porcelain tiles
  • Can be laid on the floor or laid on the wall to make the decoration style uniform
  • Machined into any shape, such as cupboard panels, table tops and countertops.
  • Can be cut to various sizes to make the design more creative with standard tiling tools
  • Kinder to the environment and require 60% less mineral resources to produce
  • Allow underfloor heating systems to warm up faster and radiate heat more efficiently than most comparable floor coverings 


Cutting Products


900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Slim Tile



Size(cm) Crate Size(cm) Carton/ Crate Crate/Container
90 x 180 x 0.55 80 x110 x 192 31 13
  Pcs/Carton Pcs/Crate Pcs/Container
  3 93 1209
SQM/PCS SQM/Carton SQM/Crate SQM/Container
1.62 4.86 150.66 1958.58
Weight/Pcs Weight/Carton Weight/Crate Weight/Container
22KG 64KG 2 TONS 26.5 TONS

     900x1800*5.5mm Stone Look Porcelain Thin Tile




1. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles as strong as traditional tiles?

Yes, in fact, according to independent testing, Realgres large format porcelain tiles are almost twice as strong as standard tiles. This is due to the high quality materials and manufacturing processes used to make Realgres large format porcelain tiles. Our 16,800-ton press ensures high density and high hardness with very low water absorption


2. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles suitable for walls and floors?

Yes, Realgres slab tiles are suitable for walls and floors. All Realgres large format porcelain tiles are tested for slip resistance using a more precise pendulum test. All tile and finish values are available by contacting us.


3. Does Realgres large format porcelain tiles meet current UK and European standards?

Yes, Realgres large format porcelain tiles have been rigorously tested to meet all current UK and European standards. You can get detailed test results by contacting us.


4. Can Realgres large format porcelain tiles be used outside the door?

Yes, Realgres large format porcelain tiles do not fade under direct sunlight, heat and frost. Our tiles can be used on terraces, gardens and even outside the building. In addition, our large format porcelain tiles have a very low water absorption, which means they are suitable for swimming pools and wet areas.


5. Are Realgres large format porcelain tiles suitable for use with underfloor heating systems?

Yes, porcelain tiles are a good thermal conductor and Realgres large format porcelain tiles are ideal for heating systems under wet and dry floors.


6. What is the difference in the size of Realgres large format porcelain tile?

Realgres large format porcelain tiles are manufactured with high precision and the difference in size is only +/- 1mm.


7. Can I order a Realgres large format porcelain tile sample?

Yes, you can get it by contacting us.

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