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Published by Realgres 2022-04-07

building materials products for villa

We provide a one-stop service to help importers purchase building materials from China, such as porcelain tiles, furniture, kitchen cabinets, aluminum Window and door, stair, sanitary ware, lighting, etc. Some customers buy whole batches of products, some for retail or home use. Get pleasant purchasing experience with the help of our company. Our main goal is to help you save time and money, even if you don't have any import experience, you don't have to worry about how to import from China. All you need to do is choose the products you like. Now we will introduce a real case for you to understand how we can help our customers to buy goods from China easily.





Client Name: Darryl


Building Materials Product: Porcelain tiles, bath products, door, furniture, custom kitchen cabinets, Aluminum window

BuY China Building materials products for Australia Villa

First Meeting



In November 2018, a friend introduced Darryl to me, we contact through WECHAT that knew Darryl are looking for a reliable ceramic tile supplier in China and also need other building materials products for his villa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Buy porcelain tile for Australia Villa                    


For Darryl, this villa will be the first step for him to build a better life. His father-in-law, parents, and children will spend a better life together here. He wants to build a dream home. His home is about 500 square meters, there are a lot of building materials products that need to be purchased. Without doubt, buying building materials products from China is much cheaper than local. And as everyone knows, 80% of the products you buy locally are probably made in China, so why not buy building materials products in China?


Therefore, in order to know more about building materials products , Darryl came to China in December 2018. we are meeting in Foshan, China, to looking for what he need. Darryl stayed in Foshan for three days to learn about our company and products, I took him to visit the most professional and comprehensive showroom in Foshan, select high-quality bathroom products, and confirm the size details. We confirmed the first order in our office meeting, confirmed all him bathroom products, including bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, shower rooms. No need to worry about container consolidation from more than 3 suppliers, even more.


china building materials for villa

china building materials - bathroom products


Imagine if you are not a professional importer, you have to communicate all the building materials products details with 5 or 6 suppliers, such as porcelain tiles, sanitary ware, aluminum windows and doors, kitchen cabinets etc. You have to list all your products to each supplier before loading, and worry about how to arrange it ?How long will it take the container?

Now you only need to contact Realgres to solve all the above problems. We will use local resources to find the most reliable China supplier, help you inspect the goods, load the container, and take videos and photos of everything for you to view. Save your money and time.

That is why DARRYL CHOOSE US !! and then he went to Shanghai to see aluminum glass doors and windows. During these three days, we had a deep understanding.


2rd Meeting



On July 10, 2019, I booked all hotels for him. we are 2rd time meeting in Foshan, China.


Foshan Kitchen cabinest drawing


1 - 3th day: he showed us the house drawings , which showed the size and type of your cabinet in detail. We showed our catalog and factory strength, and selected the materials, accessories and so on for him kitchen cabinets according to your budget.

Cabinet, Lacquer,


Kitchen Cabinet Order


For tiles, We recommend 600*600 concrete tiles for indoor, matte surface, non-slip, very suitable for elderly people.



Wood look floor tiles 150x900mm, random designs for living room.


blue porcelain mosaic for swimming pool 300*300


white subway tiles for kitchen backsplash, (100x300) That are also one of the must-choices for many Australian families.


Outdoors chose our classic 2cm outdoor porcelain tiles, (travertine series), 600*600, beige color, its warm and modern.

4th -5th days: In order to make the customer more selective, I took Darryl to the largest furniture city in Foshan to find the products he most wanted. There were so many suppliers to visit within only 2 days. But with our help, they placed all orders, including the curtains, furniture, and lighting, Outdoor furniture as planned and found them quite satisfactory, reducing costs and time for him.In the evening, I invited Darryl and his wife to eat Haidilao, a very famous hot pot in China. They liked it. Happy times are always very fast, and they back to Melbourne.


Foshan Furniture manufacturer

eating dinner with darryl


The container with aluminum windows arrived in Melbourne in November 2019. Darryl are very happy to show me that the packaging is very good. Everything is exactly the same as the actual order. He started installing windows for his villa. The progress is very normal.


aluminum window container to Australia

Install aluminum window


2020-07 The tile and door container arrived. They are ready to install in August...


install Entry Door


Our story is unfinished, let us look forward to the day when the Darryl’s villa is officially completed!


Door and tile container packing

If you are looking for a reliable Chinese supplier, please contact Realgres, which can save you time and cost. In order to find suitable ceramic tiles, aluminum doors and windows, bathroom products, kitchen cabinets, furniture or other building materials products, these are the advantages of our Realgres export for more than 15 years. Contact us to build your dream home now!

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