2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles - Multi Size and Use

Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

Realgres is committed to the pursuit and realization of high-quality living space, and is committed to creating porcelain tile products with thicknesses of 1CM and 2CM, and maintains the core competitive advantage in the field of 2CM outdoor porcelain tilesRealgres relies on advanced technology research and development and innovation, and adopts a product matching model of "multi thickness + multi specification + multi color + multi process" to meet the integration of indoor and outdoor applications. Among them, the product specification system is mainly based on international mainstream specifications, combined with various customized product specifications, and various sizes provide a wide range of applications for the 2CM outdoor porcelain tile market.


  1. 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tile - Complete specifications to meet various needs

Realgres 2CM tile product line includes 14 series, the products cover a variety of natural elements, and meet the design needs of different spaces and styles. Under the rich product line, Realgres 2cm porcelain tile has launched a variety of mainstream specifications, so the current 20mm tile include 400 * 400, 400 * 600, 600 * 600, 600 * 1200mm and other mainstream sizes, as well as 200 * 600, 300 * various customizations Dimensions, such as 600, 600 * 900, 900 * 1800mm.  

2cm outdoor porcelain tiles -multi use

2cm outdoor porcelain tile more options

Products of different specifications can be flexibly adjusted to different positions, so as not to limit the space design, and at the same time help to improve construction efficiency and promote project progress.

2cm outdoor porcelain tile 400x600 600x600 400x400

  1. Small size 2CM outdoor porcelain tile, paving flexible

New specifications of 400 * 400mm and 400 * 600mm were introduced. From the application point of view, the convenience of tile laying is considered, especially for 2CM outdoor porcelain tiles. The free combination of large and small specifications reduces the cutting and processing procedures, and adds many officials.

2cm outdoor porcelain tiles small size

There are different paving methods for small size 2CM tiles. The combined paving method is flexible and changeable. Its visual appearance is agile and stylish. It is suitable for a variety of design styles and creates a more diverse space decoration effect.

RTTBN612O02 2cm outdoor porcelain tile


RIVER SERIES - outdoor tiles application 400 * 400/400 * 600/600 * 600mm mixed paving.

RTTBN60R05 2cm outdoor porcelain tile

@ RTTBN60R05

BRUSSELS SERIES - Courtyard floor application 400 * 400/400 * 600/600 * 600mm mixed paving 400 * 400/400 * 600/600 * 600mm and other small size products present the compact and beautiful style of 2cm tiles, bringing exquisite fashion space, Elegant and pleasant decorative beauty, widely used in various commercial spaces and outdoor scenes.

RTTBN60Q02 2cm outdoor porcelain tile

@ RTTBN60Q02

SOLID SERIES Indoor and Outdoor Integrated Application 400*600mm Installation.

RTTBN60J03 2cm outdoor porcelain tile

@ RTTBN60J03

JAZZ SERIES commercial space integrated application 400 * 400/400 * 600mm mixed paving.

RTTBN612O01 2cm outdoor porcelain tile

@ RTTBN612O01

OLIVIAN SERIES - commercial space application 400 * 400/400 * 600/600 * 600mm mixed paving.


  1. the difference is huge, expanding the application of 2CM outdoor porcelain tiles

Arrangement of 600 * 900/600 * 1200mm size 2CM Porcelain Tile, rich in texture and three-dimensional, produce unlimited visual extension effects, and the overall space is spacious.

2cm outdoor porcelain tile

@ RTTBN60Q02

* 600 * 1200mm 2CM porcelain tile application effect

Realgres expanded the application size of 2CM tiles, breaking through the size and material limitations, and introduced a size of 900 * 1800 * 20mm. The product has high hardness, high temperature resistance, green materials, and can directly contact food. It is the first choice for countertops.

2cm outdoor porcelain tile 600x1200

The 900 * 1800 * 20mm large plate series can be widely used in home countertops, bathroom countertops, kitchen cabinets, scienti. fic research test benches and other places. It is also necessary to customize the size, color and process of the product according to the user's personal needs.

2cm outdoor porcelain tile for countertops

 900 * 1800mm countertop application

2cm outdoor porcelain tiles for bathroom vanity

▵ 900 * 1800mm bathroom countertop application


Realgres vertical product specification system can realize multiple specifications of the same product, meet indoor frame applications and expand to household applications, thereby enriching and expanding the application scale of porcelain tile products. The free collocation of a variety of specifications not only makes the building flexible and convenient, but also helps more imagination and creativity in space design, evolves a rich variety of decorative styles, and creates a new beauty of visual experience.