Can 2CM Thick Porcelain Tile Replace Natural Stone?

Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

      Can 2CM Thick tile replace Natural Stone and become the first choice for engineering projects?

     Judging from the current market situation, the 2cm thick porcelain tile category has been developed based on the texture and structure of natural stone, and it has become the preferred substitute for natural stone in terms of decoration and functionality.

     As one of the pioneers of 2CM Thick porcelain tile in the market, Realgres ceramic tile focuses on the 2CM thick tile field. Its 2CM Thick tile products have also been paid attention and favored by more and more engineering companies. So what are the characteristics and bonus points of Realgres 2CM Thick porcelain tile?


    1. In line with the trend of environmental protection, 2CM Thick Porcelain tile came into being

     With the domestic environmental protection policy restricting the mining of stone, the supply of stone is decreasing. At the same time, as a non-renewable resource, the stone is gradually depleted in the continuous mining. In addition, the high pollution and high energy consumption of the quarrying industry have also greatly damaged ecosystem. For this reason, a new type of green and environmentally friendly decoration material 2CM Thick porcelain tile came into being.


Can 2CM Thick Porcelain Tile Replace Natural Stone?


     2CM Thick porcelain tile, as Realgres most core competitive advantage product, uses natural clay and green renewable resources as raw materials. It is Environmental protection and Class A building materials. It conforms to the national environmental protection and green trend and is also market-oriented. It has been focusing on 2CM. In the Thick tile category, Realgres tiles create a unique brand name card.


      2. 2CM Thick Porcelain tile Hard Power-superior Physical Properties

   Natural stone, as an outdoor building material, is extremely susceptible to weathering, destruction, and efflorescence due to natural conditions, and its weather resistance is not ideal, and it also increases maintenance costs in the later period.

     Compared with natural stone, Realgres 2CM Thick Porcelain tile has superior physical properties, "high hardness", "high flexural resistance", "low water absorption", "acid and alkali resistance"... all performance indicators have become beyond the stone bonus. At the same time, through standardized industrial production, the quality and supply are stable, and the price is lower than that of stone. In terms of appearance, it can imitate the landscaping and laying of various types of stone. The performance is better than the physical properties of stone of the same thickness. It has strong weather resistance and long service life. , Reduce the project cost as a whole, and avoid later maintenance investment.


Can 2CM Thick Tile Replace Natural Stone?


      Generally speaking, outdoor engineering projects have higher requirements for all aspects of performance of ceramic tiles. The outstanding physical characteristics of Realgres 2CM Thick Porcelain tile and its cost advantages have become an important "hard power" beyond stone.


      3. Realgres Opens a Full Set of Customization of  2CM Thick Tile

      Adhering to the innovative design concept, Realgres is keeping pace with the market and launching a full set of customization of thick tiles, with a rich product system and supporting facilities of multiple thicknesses (0.55CM, 1CM, 2CM), multiple processes, and multiple specifications, focusing on residential apartments and commercial Building and real estate projects provide overall brick solutions.

Can 2CM Thick Floor Tile Replace Natural Stone?

 ▲ Various thicknesses to meet the overall indoor & outdoor applications


 Rustic/ Matt 2CM Thick Tile

▲ Rustic/Grained/Polished/Soft matt/Grained Semi Polished/Mold Semi Polished, etc.


 2Cm thick porcelain tile flooring

▲ A variety of mainstream specifications, international popular colors


        4. 2CM Thick Porcelain tile products and applications

   Realgres series products restore the texture and structure of the rock and present the natural texture of natural stone. The design emphasizes the integration of natural elements and modern technology, covering GRANITE, SANDSTONE, TRAVETINE, WOOD GRAIN, QUARZE and other element categories.

2CM Thick Porcelain tile engineering application case


2CM Thick Porcelain Tile for garden

▴Real scene of outdoor case - Sunac Jiutang Mansion,  "GRANITE SERIES"


Outdoor 2CM Thick Porcelain Tile

▴Real scene of outdoor case - "GRANITE SERIES"


   For a long time, Realgres has been focusing on the field of 2CM Thick Porcelain tile. With its excellent quality and international design, it has been recognized by the domestic and foreign markets. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation with many domestic and foreign engineering projects.