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Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

Carrara tiles comes from the small town of Carrara in north-central Italy, the town of Massa-Carrara province in the Tuscany region of north-central Italy, and is known as the "marble capital of the world". The stone production of Carrara town has always been known for its low output and high grade. Its elegant and luxurious texture and overall body moisturize, and it has a high reputation among the European merchants.

Italy White Carrara Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

Elegant Carrara tiles, "she" has experienced the tempering of her soul and has been baptized by time. The distance from sand to rock and the distance from rock to snow white are shocking!


In the Carrara mountain mines, carrara marble accounts for only 5%, which is self-evident. With the continuous mining in recent years, some of the stone is almost exhausted. At present, the annual output of the only snow white marble in the world is less than 200 tons. The area converted into tiles is about 3600 square meters, which is less than that of a standard football field. half!


Things are rare and expensive. White Carrara Marble is not only widely respected in Europe, but also loved by many famous designers in China. In the design and application of commercial space, Carrara marble tiles is widely used in indoor wall and floor decoration. The carefully designed lines and simple details will make the whole space look exquisite and fashionable, creating a different sense of hierarchy and space.

Carrara Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

Such elegant white carrara tiles, due to the difficulty of mining, scarce resources, and high cost, is limited in use. For Carrara fans, this is undoubtedly a real pain point.

Foshan White Carrara Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

As an artificial building material, porcelain tiles have become an important supplement, but there are few types of ceramic tiles on the market that can inherit the snowflake white pattern and surpass the stone in physical properties.

China Supplier White Carrara Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

Realgres Large format slab tiles instead of Marble.


Realgres large slab tiles is like the crystallization of nature, the whole body is white and the texture is pure. The ethereal and fresh breath outlines the elegant and tranquil mood, and contains the pure and pure character.

Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

At the same time, Realgres large slab tiles adopts the original SIMM-TEC core technology: the new porcelain surface replaces the traditional glaze, the surface is more wear-resistant, and the touch is more moist; the three-dimensional infiltration of flowers replaces the flat printing, the pattern is more realistic, and the texture is more natural ; The traditional hard polishing technology is replaced by a variety of surface micro-processing techniques, which makes the light sense more diverse and the product more environmentally friendly.


It makes up for the problems of low strength, poor performance and high maintenance cost of natural stone, making the product harder and more wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant to weathering, maintenance-free, and giving the effect of "like stone is better than stone". Surprise.


In terms of space application, Realgres porcelain tiles throwing carrara marble warm and delicate, extremely elegant, white throughout, pure texture decoration effect, compared with stone, it is better than ever!White Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles

The design of the bathroom made of carrara white is noble and elegant, creating an elegant and tranquil beauty. The collision between the gray ground and the Carrara is clear and elegant, yet without losing the connotation.


At the same time, as an embellishment, carrara porcelain tiles is still very good. The gray office floor in Angola, combined with the carrara finishing table, makes the entire office space high-end taste, strong artistic atmosphere, but not publicity.

China Quality White Carrara Floor Wall Tiles

Angola gray has an extremely pure gray. Carrara floor tiles further strengthens its pure texture. It combines the noble taste and artistic characteristics to show the noble and elegant texture.


The paving of the facade also complements each other. The magnificent Carrara slab tiles is magnificent, and the pure and pure white gold beige, complement each other, leisurely without losing the pride, the pride without losing the nature.

Carrara Marble Porcelain Floor Wall Tiles