Healthy Slab Tiles, Starting from Realgres

Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

The World Health Organization named April 7 of each year as World Health Day, which aims to arouse people's attention to health and health work in various countries in the world, and to improve people's awareness and quality in the health field. As the global epidemic spreads, it seems to be particularly meaningful today. In the field of home furnishing, we are also urging us to continuously improve the health level of home furnishing.

Healty slab tile

Health, comfort, environmental protection, fashion, quality

Become a big trend of green home life.

Environmental protection is placed at the top of home decoration.

 big slab tile


Three elements of healthy home: environmental protection, beauty and practicality


The current demand of consumers for green living is becoming more and more prominent. Under the trend of "install and live", the environmental protection of home furnishing is becoming more and more important, which also forces consumers to put forward higher green demand for home products and decoration materials. Realgres "health SLAB Tiles" was born under this background, providing consumers with healthy and environmentally friendly new materials for home decoration.

 large slab tile



What is a SLAB TILES?



SLAB TILES are made of natural raw materials through special techniques, pressed with a press of more than 10,000 tons, combined with NDD technology, and fired at a high temperature of 1280 ° C, which can withstand all kinds of high-strength processing.


SLABTILES as a new type of decorative board, has broken through the range of traditional ceramic tiles. From the traditional upper wall and lower floor, it has been applied to kitchen countertops, dining tables, cabinets, wash basins, desks, coffee tables and other product surfaces and cabinets The body has become a new generation of home health materials.

 black large slab tile






Compared with solid wood, natural stone, quartz stone and other materials, SLAB TILES is a new type of environmentally friendly material with more comprehensive performance. From the perspective of product performance, SLAB have obvious advantages in terms of strength, toughness, and fire safety.


1.Zero formaldehyde - Environmentally friendly and healthy choice!


With the acceleration of life rhythm, the increasing “formaldehyde anxiety” has made people pay more attention to whether they and their families live in a formaldehyde-free and radiation-free environment.

SLAB Tiles is a green, environmentally friendly product made from natural raw materials through pressing, firing and other processes.

At the same time, SLAB tiles has the properties of wear resistance and anti-fouling.



2.Full space - A material universal whole house!


Slab tiles, breaking through the limitation of the single attribute of ceramic tiles as decorative materials, can cross the border into the fields of kitchen countertops, cabinet panels, furniture trim panels and even home customization.


》》 Kitchen countertops

The materials that can directly contact with food, coupled with excellent properties such as scratch resistance and stain resistance, have become the new generation of kitchen board choices.


 black marble large slab tile


》》 Cabinet Panel

The anti-mildew and anti-moisture of the slab is more resistant to dirt and solves the problems of mildew, deformation and contamination of traditional cabinet materials.



》》 Diversified application of furniture countertops

The dining table and desk are beautiful and easy to use, and can realize multifunctional folding.

 white marble large slab tile



  1. High value - Beautiful and elegant!


THE SLAB tiles has a diverse texture comparable to natural stone, whether it is stone grain, wood grain, or the now popular cement, sandstone, metal rust, it can be easily controlled, and the technical support also allows it to break through the inevitable stone Color difference problem. Bringing this refinement to life enhances the beauty of the entire home.


white carrara marble porcelain large slab tile


Current product innovation not only focuses on changes in external forms, but also digs deep into products. In terms of SLAB tiles, Realgres launched the 2400 × 1200mm specifications in 2016, and now it has added two specifications of 1200 x 3600mm that are more suitable for customized desktops and 3600 × 1600mm that meets flexible customization. The thickness covers from 3 to 15.5 mm, in line with the trend of diversified development of ceramic plates in the future.