How to Install Outdoor Tile: Laying Patio, Garden Floor Tile Over Grass

Published by Realgres 2021-10-12

With the outbreak of the epidemic, garden design has become more important. The outdoor tiles can be removed at any time and placed in other places, which has the greatest flexibility in creating various combinations, which has become a highlight of the garden design.


garden outdoor tile over grass


How thick should outdoor tiles be?

The standard thickness of indoor floor tiles is usually between 8mm-11mm, and the thickness of indoor wall tiles is 4.8mm, 5.5mm, 6mm. Outdoor porcelain pavers are 18mm, 20mm, 30mm thick. 2cm outdoor tiles are the most common.


Where can you install a outdoor tile?

Porcelain pavers can be used for dry paving on the grass in the following areas:

  1. Residential areas
  2. Footpaths
  3. Gazebo
  4. Garden
  5. Courtyard
  6. Patio


beige outdoor floor tile over grass


How to installing outdoor tile over Grass: Laying Tips

Step 1: Arrange the slabs on the grass to ensure that the distance between the top and bottom of each slab is the same, and the coordination and integrity of the design style are determined.

Step 2: Remove the grass and soil below the area where the slab is placed, and its thickness is about 5-6 cm

Step 3: Fill the hole excavated with fine gravel. and compact the foundation

Step 4: Put the slab (leave at least 1 cm gap) on the gravel bed and use a rubber hammer to eliminate unevenness

It's that simple! 

Warning: Ensure that the level of the slab is the same as the level of the turf surface to prevent damage to the tiles when mowing the lawn.


grey outdoor tile over grass


Why people choose installing outdoor tile over grass at patio, garden?

1. Easy to install, position and style can be changed at any time.

2. No need for a professional installation master to reduce costs.

3. Design in line with architectural aesthetics.


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