Large Format Tile Design for Your Villa

Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

 What should a villa look like?

Beside the river view? Mid-levels? Central District? The big balcony?

There are too many configurations of luxury houses.

White Large Format Tile Design for Your Villa

01. The atmospheric background wall is durable and durable!

Real tasteful mansions are not necessarily magnificent, but they must have the temperament of beauty. The living room serves as the facade of the mansion, and the design of the main background wall tiles becomes an expression window for the owner's taste.

Among the choice of various materials, the marble texture on the tall has become the darling of luxury home decoration. Each marble background wall has charm and uniqueness that cannot be described in words, which is in line with the preferred decoration style of modern luxury homes. We can use the large format tiles to decorate my background wall.

White Marble Large Format Tile Design for Your Villa


Regardless of the size, the living room of the mansion is pursuing stunning visual effects and a powerful aura. When the texture of natural stone is continuously stretched on the background wall, almost seamlessly connecting the finishing touch to the space, showing a unique artistic atmosphere.

White Marble Large Format Tile Design


The seamless texture and almost seamless connection make the visual effect of the background wall more shocking, making the space luxurious and not too exaggerated, showing the exquisite and quality of life.

White Marble Large Format Tile Design - Book Match



02 New layout of open kitchen


In this new era of innovation and creativity in all things, the layout design of the luxury house is also as particular. Pay attention to the perfect integration between space and space, no longer follow the layout of following the crowd, pay attention to the inner of life, and respect every necessary detail of life.

White Carrara Marble Large Format Tile Design


The design of the layout of the mansion needs to create an environment for communication between family members. In the daily family life, the longest and most frequent exchanges generally take place during meals. Therefore, in the era of new mansions, open kitchens are very popular, and full consideration is given to the life scenes where the family gathers and chats.


The open kitchen carries the trends and trends of kitchen aesthetics. It is not only high in value, warm and practical, but also full of modernity and fashion. Along with the mixed use of multiple spaces, it brings more real quality to our daily life.

For the open kitchen space, in addition to explaining the new concept of life, it also needs to incorporate new materials and new processes to achieve the interaction between people and space. The birth of the Realgres 1600*3200 (mm) Large Format tiles allows the quality of life to be revealed in the kitchen space.


03. Eco-friendly, healthy and ecological mansion

The idea of being one with nature is the highlight of an ecological mansion. But more importantly, the materials used to build these luxury houses-green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

In the future trend of luxury house design, the concept of low carbon, environmental protection and simplicity is inseparable. Realgres provide one-stop solution for your villa project.

White Marble Large Format Floor Tile Design