The Advantage of Large Format Tiles | Large Slab Inspiration

Published by Realgres 2021-10-12

Realgres offers a wide and varied range of large format tile to meet all aesthetic and design requirements. Technical and functional performance combined with refined aesthetics make Realgres Porcelain tile surfaces a contemporary furnishing element for indoor and outdoor spaces.


large format porcelain tiles


Extra sizes Extra beauty

The large slab create a visual effect of continuity and make spaces seem larger, leveraging the look and design of the original materials that inspired them. All Realgres’s large format tile make it possible to create “unique style” solutions in combination with the company’s various collections.


white marble large slab


The large slabs create a visual effect of continuity and make us feel an expansion of the spaces, enhancing the graphics and design of the material to which they are inspired. All large format proposals of Realgres give the opportunity to have“unique style” solutions, in combination with the company’s different collections. The large plates create a visual effect continuity that broadens the perspective of the pieces, by valuing graphics and drawing of the material from which they are inspired. All large format proposals of Realgres offer the opportunity to have“unique style” solutions, in association with the company’s various collections. The large slab create a visually consistent Impression and make the room appear larger. So the graphics and samples of the come as a model serving material even better.


More than 60 patterns and colors, a complete range for any architectural and design need

The large format porcelain tile offer an aesthetic and compositional potential capable of interpreting the essence of each project: from wall and floor coverings to furnishing elements (bathroom or kitchen counters, worktops, washbasins, and tables) for residential and commercial environments, with both indoor and outdoor applications.


  1. Potential applications - FLOOR


large porcelain format tile flooring


Both 6 mm thick and 9 mm thick formats can be used on the floor in all residential and commercial areas that are not subject to exceptional loads. For floors subjected to heavy loads or the transit of hard-wheeled trolleys, the use of 9 mm thick versions is recommended.


  1. Potential applications - WALL


white marble large format tile for wall


For walls, height is the key element when choosing the format. Large 270 cm slabs make it possible to cover most walls from floor to ceiling, reducing waste and the presence of horizontal joints. For higher walls, we recommend the 160x320 cm (63’’x126’’) rectified format.


  1. Potential applications - FURNITURE

Porcelain tiles are perfect for making and covering furnishings. A wide range of sizes and thicknesses make it possible to keep waste to a minimum, choosing the product that optimizes the surface with respect to the shape and volume of the furnishing to be decorated. The non-rectified 160x320cm.slab is the ideal solution for large kitchen counters or worktops.



Widely Applicant


Malls, airports, places of worship, schools, museums, squares, hospitals,

hotels - foyers, undergrounds, train stations, etc.


large format porcelain tile for outdoor



Restaurants, offices, shops, public restrooms, public offices, hotels except for foyers, business lounges, etc. with the exception of mandatory passageways and areas subject to the transit of trolleys with hard wheels or highly concentrated loads.



Bedrooms, living rooms, studies, private kitchens, private bathrooms, etc


Different Veins Different Beauty


white marble large porcelain tile for bathroom


The timeless elegance of marble is expressed in the large porcelain tile surfaces, with authentic and precious details that enhance its refined, artistic value. The large slabs are ideal for designing luxurious high-impact environments that impress all who enter them.


  1. CONCRETE LOOK - Character and versatility


concrete grey large format porcelain tile


Contemporary style, elegance and functionality in a rigorous, striking material.

Concrete-effect porcelain slabs in dense, deep shades become discreet protagonists of the space, giving rooms a strong metropolitan appeal.


  1. STONE LOOK - A totally natural touch


stone large format porcelain tile


The large surfaces of stone-effect porcelain tiles bring out the most surprising details of this material, decorating spaces with natural simplicity. A neo-primitive look with an extraordinary creative potential, which in the large format acquires even more earthy, expressive strength.


Are you looking for large format porcelain tiles? Realgres is the best one!