The Pros and Cons of Rustic Tile : Wholesale Rustic Tiles From China Supplier

Published by Realgres 2021-10-12

Rustic interior design has become one of the most popular design choices in the past few years. This design is inspired by nature and home, and more and more houses incorporate it into interior design. As a ceramic tile manufacturer for more than 10 years, Realgres provides rustic tiles in various styles, colors and complete specifications. Designed according to different colors and sizes, this decorative tile can meet user-friendly tile requirements. Whether it is shopping mall floor tiles or home kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, living room tiles, restaurant tiles, they can all meet their needs.


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What is Rustic Tile?


Rustic tiles are a kind of glazed tiles, evolved from colorful glazed tiles, and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles. The so-called antique refers to the effect of tile. Rustic tile can create a nostalgic living atmosphere for the room through style, color and pattern.


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Wholesale Rustic Tiles From China Supplier


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Pros and Cons of Rustic Tiles


Pros of Rustic Tile

1. the anti-slip performance is very good. The difference between rustic tiles and ordinary tiles is that the surface is not polished. It is directly fired at high temperature, so even if there is water on the surface, the anti-slip degree of the rustic tile is quite high. This is really suitable for those who have children or the elderly at home.


2. easy to clean. The cleaning effect of rustic tile is better than ordinary tile. Wipe it with a damp towel and it will be clean. Therefore, the application of this rustic tile in some public places will be a bit more widely. It will be much easier since the large area of public places is cleaned.


3. The pattern color of the pattern is various, and various shapes can be made in the effect of parquet or paving. There are many types of rustic tile, with rich colors and various textures, such as wood texture and stone texture. The effect is realistic. You can mix and match different styles according to the space design to make the whole decoration space instantly taller.


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Cons of Rustic Tile


1. Because of the high-temperature combustion treatment during the firing process, a thick layer of glaze is applied on the surface, and its stain resistance and anti-slip performance is very high. It is precisely because of the glaze on the surface that the chamfering and edging of antique tiles are not easy to handle. The hardness of rustic tile is not higher than that of polished bricks, and it is easy to crack and break at the corners during processing.


2. Hardness and brightness, compared with rustic tiles and polished tiles, rustic tiles are weaker.


3. The biggest disadvantage of rustic tiles is that it is not easy to carry out some subtle treatments such as edging. If you need to do this, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and if you do not deal with it, a good decoration effect will not be achieved. For those who like bright spaces and those who pursue perfection, it is not a good practice to use rustic tiles, especially if the room is darker, it will be darker if used.


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Foshan Realgres is an expert in the production of wall and floor tiles. In the past 10 years, it has many applications, materials, finishing technologies and unique features. We supply rustic tile has an earthy appearance, affordable price, abrasion resistance and non-slip properties, and low water absorption, so it is available for sale. There are various colors, sizes, finishes and styles. If you are looking for rustic tiles for decorative materials, Realgres may be your first choice. Realgres floor and wall rustic tile meet international quality standards to ensure that we only provide the best.