Why 2CM Full Body Tiles HOT

Published by Realgres 2021-05-15

   In recent years, 2CM tiles have gradually attracted attention in the tiles industry, especially at the Bologna Exhibition last month, 2CM TILES are blooming everywhere. However, whether ceramic enterprises can make achievements in the field of 2CM Tiles s is the key to achieving brand differentiation. In this regard, the industry's well-known media "Ceramic Information" analyzes and discusses the Realgres tile brand, which has been in the field of 2CM iles for many years. The following is the original text:

2CM TILES, as a highly differentiated product segment, already has a stable market at home and abroad. In the Bologna Exhibition in Italy last month, various products coincided with the trend of "big + thick", and the business card of 2CM floor tiles at home and abroad was once again launched. At this time, someone in the ceramics industry issued the slogan of "Compared with stone, surpassing stone" in the ceramic industry, and it has the momentum to become a substitute for stone.

  Is it true that full body 2CM tiles surpass stone, and whether 2CM Tiles are coming? According to recent developments in the ceramic industry about 2CM TILES, the mystery can be seen.


full body 2cm tile


  Why are 2CM Tile hot?


  The reason has a lot to do with the current decline in the ceramic industry.

  Chinese Ceramic companies have always been enthusiastic about exploring breakthroughs in the application of tiles. The current economic trend is declining, and Chinese ceramic companies have begun to seek to produce differentiated products to break through market restrictions. However, the cost of conversion is high and the effort spent has become a major limiting factor. According to the reporter of "Ceramic Information", there are not many ceramic companies specializing in the production of 2CM Tiles. Among them, Realgres Ceramics, as one of the pioneers of full body 2CM Floor Tiles, still focuses on the development and production of 2CM full body tiles.

   In addition, China's current environmental protection pressure has become a promoter that cannot be ignored.

   High-quality stone comes from the rough material in nature. The non-renewable raw stone makes high-quality stone resources increasingly depleted. With the strengthening of China's environmental protection management, various production areas have greatly restricted the mining of rough materials, resulting in increased difficulty in mining and increased transportation costs.

   The above reasons have gradually reduced the supply of stone materials. The supply of conventional stone materials and material properties are difficult to meet market requirements. This has prompted stone buyers to have a keen interest in "full body 2CM Tiles" with superior performance.


full body 2cm tile, outdoor porcelain tile


  How does full body 2CM Tile compare with stone?


  Full Body 2CM Tiles came into being in this environment. In Realgres view, each material has its own characteristics. Although 2CM tile cannot completely replace stone, it is undeniable that 2CM tile are the most suitable substitute for the lack of stone resources.

"If you compare the 2CM full body tile of Realgres with the commonly used stone, its physical and decorative performance advantages are still obvious. However, due to the limitation of the material of the tile itself, it cannot be shaped and carved like stone. Etc." said the person in charge of Realgres tiles, "In addition, the full body 2CM tile  can be basically used where stone can be used in the field of architectural decoration. For example, it can be used for building curtain walls, ground hanging paving, including laying squares. , Garages, villas, gardens and landscapes, etc., from family space to public space."


full body 2cm tile, outdoor porcelain floor tile

     The core of the research and production of the 2CM full body tile of Realgres : highly restored stone decoration effect, ultra-low water absorption, high hardness and cost-effective application mode. Whether in terms of decoration or physical properties, it is superior to ordinary tiles and stone materials, and is the best substitute for natural stone.

        Double "0" water absorption, performance surpasses stone. The full body 2CM tile improves the conventional ceramic tile firing formula, using natural clay as the raw material, adding silica (SiO₂) and other green renewable resources, and undergoing high-pressure molding. Its thickness reaches 2CM, the water absorption rate is below 0.1%, and the destruction strength reaches more than 10000N, which exceeds the highest detectable range of the current testing organization.


full body 2cm outdoor floor tile for garden


        Use advanced technology to truly restore the texture of the stone. According to a variety of natural stone elements, the texture of the stone is highly restored, and the advanced production technology can achieve various processing surfaces of the stone, such as "antique surface, dry grain surface, litchi surface, glossy surface" etc.; texture, Designs and colors are integrated with Italian style; 3D inkjet technology is used to perfectly present the decorative effects of various high-quality stones.


Realgres full body 2cm outdoor floor tile


        In addition, compared with natural stone, the full body 2CM tile also has the advantages of "rich texture, uniform color and luster, controllable color difference and water absorption rate of less than 0.1%".

        When compared with stone, Realgres 2CM tiles emphasize the high hardness and flexural strength. 2CM full body tile are equivalent to 6cm granite, which is suitable for streets, squares, parking lots, airports and other environments with heavy traffic. and people.

  "Competitve Price" earns market. 2CM full body tile replace stone, which can reduce the overall project cost by 20-30%. 2CM full body tile are produced through standardized production, and their prices are generally lower than ordinary stone; the "weight, thickness and transportation cost" of the materials required for the project are greatly reduced, so as the total load of the project design is reduced, the construction efficiency is also improved. Can reduce the overall project cost. The 2CM full body tile has superior performance, is not prone to cracking, dirt absorption and discoloration, and has a long service life, which also reduces subsequent maintenance costs.

  More possibilities for full body 2CM tile applications

  The entire ceramic industry is seeking fusion, and full body 2CM tile enterprises are no exception. It is understood that this year's Bologna exhibition for the display of the full body 2CM tile tends to improve the style design, specifications and sizes, and make breakthroughs in bold use of colors.

       The person in charge of Realgres tiles believes that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the full body 2CM tiles in China, and the most important step is to be recognized by more consumers. What follows is that ceramic companies should constantly update their designs, insist on the integration of production and research, and improve the system supporting; Realgres ceramic tiles provide consumers and designers with the same product series, with a thickness of 5.5-20mm and a specification of 300×600mm. 800×1800mm, a variety of colors, a variety of process product matching, research and production of ceramic tile application solutions suitable for family spaces and public spaces.


Realgres full body 2cm outdoor floor tile for garden


Realgres full body 2cm porcelain floor tile for garden


            At present, the market for full body 2CM tile has been intensively cultivated in engineering channels. While insisting on R&D and design, expanding application scenarios and application methods is also a key part of it.

           According to the diversified trend of market applications, Realgres tiles innovatively designed and launched more diversified granite products based on the original granite, such as OLIVIAN SERIES, GRANITE SERIES, SOLID SERIES, QUARZE SERIES etc. It is different from the common granite texture, which makes the product application more design-oriented, with 2CM thickness as the main product, and provides the same matching 1CM full body tile products, with a variety of crafted surfaces, and its perfect product system, in terms of design and function All meet the needs of various applications.

           In addition, Realgres Ceramics has a new product that will be released soon, a countertop of 900×1800×20mm, which will be unveiled soon. Realgres Tiles proposed that full body 2CM tiles countertops can be used in conjunction with different places to expand the multi-faceted application of 2CM full body tile.


full body 2cm outdoor floor tile for garden, homogeneous tile


Foshan full body 2cm outdoor floor tile


China full body 2cm outdoor floor tile


        From the performance comparison, the full body 2CM tile countertop series has super acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-fouling and easy cleaning performance, so its application range is also wide, suitable for home countertops, kitchen cabinets, scientific research laboratory countertops, etc. Special workbench.

   And the 2CM tile has enough strength and thickness, it can be directly made into a single product, no other strength compound is needed, and the price of the tile itself is lower than the price of rock slabs. Based on the above advantages, many professional buyers and engineering teams maintain a strong interest in the standard stone and alternative stone of the full body 2CM Tiles.

        At present, the buyers who buy 2CM tile are mostly "professional buyers" who understand ceramic tiles and 2CM TILES.  In the future, if more consumers can have a deeper understanding of 2CM tile, more consumers It is believed that in the near future, the 2CM full body tile will gradually expand its market share, or it will become a substitute for stone.